To established a self empowered and socially just community.


The main objectives is to empowerment for all towards establish rights, peace and justice of the under privilege with special emphasize on hard core poor.

Major objectives of the organization are:

  1. To establish rights, promote peace and justice for the under privileged with special emphasize on ethnic hard-core people.
  2. To ensure education for the underprivileged people, work for their physical, mental & cultural development and discourage child labor especially from the hazardous jobs.
  3. To promote mobilization processes in community mitigate social problems, all forms of violence through mutual trust, co-existence, and tolerance.
  4. To equip the under privileged with appropriate knowledge, skill, education and awareness.
  5. To promote safe water options, sanitation and BCC (Behavioral Change Communication) for better health & hygiene.
  6. To enhance economic empowerment of the underprivileged through ensuring their access to existing safety net services and accumulation of sizeable working capital as well as financial supports.
  7. To empower the women in the process of availing their rights, access to legal aids and protection of all forms of discriminations.
  8. To develop proper knowledge for youth and adolescents on information technology.
  9. To develop appropriate risk management process in order to reduce peoples vulnerability and extents of suffering from disasters.