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What We Do

Our projects:

Since the establishment, Step has been implemented various kind of programs and activities in the working area by the help of National and International donor’s and gathered a lots of experiences in the meantime.

Previous Programs:

We have implemented many programs in the past like; Education, Health, Sanitation, Plantation, Arsenic mitigation, HIV/AIDS, Welfare of Adolescents, Child and Ageing people, Awareness through popular drama, Disaster Response, Adaptation on Climate change, Skill training etc. 

Present Programs:

Now We are implementing under mentioned programs like; Education Program, Health & Sanitation Programs, Awareness Programs 


STEP is working for community development. Poyla is very remote union of Ghior upazila. Most of the people of the union lives depend of agriculture. However, the agriculture land are belongs to some land lord that why most of the community people are landless, agriculture labor or marginal cultivator. Therefore, they don’t have opportunity to send their children to the K.G. School. Modern education environment is present in where. People of the urban or sub urban area can get the facility of the same opportunity. To think about the matter STEP has decided to establish a K.G. School at Poyla village from where the community people will get opportunity to send their children with a minimum cost. This will help the community children to adjust themselves in future with the urban student.

Health & Sanitetion

Now our country is facing thread from Dengu fiver. The mortality rate of Dengu fiver slitely higher then corona virus. 

Climate Change & Awareness

To make awareness on different issue we also arrange village based campaign. We also observed national and international day for the awareness building of much people. 

Micro Finance

STEP has been considering “Samity” as “Group.” There may be small group and large groups; size ranges are from 12 to 50 (even more).  Members in one group depending on the nature of the area and density of peoples. At present STEP have 610 Savings groups with 7260 members. STEP calls them micro credit group (khodra rin samity). The main thrust of these group members is to deposit savings and receive credit from the organization. Whose main trusts are to struggle for establish rights in the society along with accumulation small savings.

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