What is STEP?

STEP (Step Towards Empowerment of the Poor) is a non-government, non political and non-profitable voluntary development organization. STEP started its functioning since 2001.


Community people to be empowered by socially and economically and interacting with each other with out any hesitation which established a community where people live with peace and social justice.


Enhance rights and build capacity of the underprivileged by utilizing and mobilizing local resources, creating scope of employment, providing advanced education, technology & ensuring participation of all stakeholders.


STEP begun its journey in January 2001 with compliance the phase out policy of Shapla Neer=Citizens’ Committee in Japan for Overseas Support. ‘Shapla Neer’ is a Japanese international NGO has been working in Bangladesh Since 1974. Shapa Neer came in Bangladesh after the liberation war then started work towards rehabilitee and enhances the socio-economic condition of people of Poyla Union of Ghior Uapzila in Manikganj District under Dhaka Division. Shapla Neer established a project office at Poyla village for smooth operation of their activities. It was called CDC (Community Development Centre) Poyla. After a long run of project implementation Shapla Neer decided not to implement program directly as an international organization. Then Shapla Neer had taken initiative to institutionalize its Community Development Centers (CDC) Poyla, as a locally independent organization. Shapla Neer management thought that if they discontinue activity from the area then new organization will serve for the betterment of the locality. Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Das, Field Coordinator of CDC Poyla was empowered to form a new NGO which will take over the responsibility of CDC Poyla.  By these processes STEP has been formed under the guidance of Shapla Neer and gets registration from NGO Affairs Bureau.  Then Shapla Neer handed over staffs and assets to STEP to start its activities strongly and independently.