Basic Computer Training Program

Digital Bangladesh is our dream. Our honorable Prime minister also dreamed a digital Bangladesh. In the meantime, Bangladesh government has taken to many initiatives to ensure the dream. We found digitalization process has started in Everywhere in Bangladesh. A good number of professionals are working in this filed. IT sector will earn a huge quantity of foreign money in near future. Government has taken initiatives to educate a huge number of students in IT education. Not only that, government has declared IT education compulsory in primary to Intermediate level.  Now students are learning computer educating form primary school level. Curriculum has been developed for all level of education institute. However, a huge number of students who has pass out primary and high school level introducing time of computer education; they have no or little knowledge about the subject. Therefore, to achieve the goal we have to educate those peoples who does not get any scope to learn computer education.  Government and non-govt. organization of Bangladesh has taken long term and short-term education course for them. STEP is also providing this kind of education since 2002 in our working.

Bangladesh NGO foundations also taken initiatives to educate such kind of students or peoples. They have developed a computer training guideline and funding the partner originations to conduct computer training in their respective working area. STEP is one of lucky of them whose are conduct computer training by using foundation’s financial support. We are conducting 6 (six) month long basic computer scores in Manikganj district. It is a one-year long program. We have targeted 40 student/young man will complete six-month long computer training course by project period. We set up a training center in STEP’s head offices premises at east Dashora, Shib-bari road, Manikganj. We operate computer training sessions 5 days in a week. Each session comprising 6 participants and the session duration is 3:00 hour. We have arranged 3 to 4 computers for the training. After completions of course successful participants will get certificate from NGO foundation. We hope this kind of activity will help to achieve the dream.

Goat Rearing Program

In a developing country like Bangladesh, livestock constitutes very valuable and renewable resources across all ecological zones and fulfill an important socio-economic role in the traditional farming systems. Goat is considered as a poor man’s cow because of their immense contribution to the poor people’s economy. It supplies nutritious and easily digestible milk to their babies. It is regular source of additional income for landless or marginal farmers. Being small sized animal, the goats can easily be maintained as cheaply as one cow. Goat rearing has been recommended as the best choice for rural people in the developing countries, because of their wider adaptability, low investment, high fertility and fecundity, less feed and management needs, high feed conversion efficiency, quick return and low risk involved. In areas where fodder resources are limited and milch cattle do not thrive, goats can be successfully reared.

Currently 21.8 % of people of Bangladesh lives in below poverty level. While 11.3 % people are living extreme poverty line. Government of Bangladesh has planned to reduce the poverty level. In this connection different sectors of Govt. have taken various initiative and programs on it.  Bangladesh NGO Foundation also given importance to reduce the percentage of extreme poverty line people. They choose the goat raring program as one of the key initiatives for the purpose. Foundation has allotted financial support for providing 20 goats among the beneficiaries. STEP has distributed 20 goats among the below poverty level people in Daulatpur Upazila of Manikganj district. We hope the program will surely contribute a good impact to reduce the poverty line.