Step Towards Empowerment of the Poor
Adolescent Development Program

Project Location  : Ghior and Daulatpur Upazila of Manikgonj district, Bangladesh.

Beneficiary Group: Adolescent girls

Background of the Program: 

 STEP has implemented a project title: Community Development Project for Disaster Risk Reduction through Adolescent’s Initiatives (CDP) in 2 Upazilas under Manikgonj district under the funding of Shapla Neer. Manikganj is situated in the middle part of Bangladesh, mainly a low area with vulnerability to floods and other natural disasters. People, especially the women are the victims of social customs, prejudice, and superstition; some times they are victims of polygamy. Poor health, mal-nutrition, lack of safe drinking water & sanitation, flood in every year, odd communication system, religious prejudice is the major problems that prevalent in the area. Population growth trend of the area is higher and education rate is comparatively lower than that of many other areas of the country.  The over all situations are remaining unattended because of disaster prone area with river erosion and tornado. As a result the people of these areas have to struggle always against the natural disaster. The hardcore poor people particularly are worst suffers and come under vicious circle of poverty as they can’t cope with such calamity. Day by day the number of the hard core poor is increasing because of recurrent vulnerabilities. Disaster is a main cause of increasing vulnerabilities. In our community a good number of adolescents are growing up. Basically they are an important segment of the community.  They can play a vital role in the society if they guided properly. If they work in the society against disaster risk reduction, poverty will be decreased in families as well as communities and ultimately livelihoods of the marginalized peoples will be uplift to ensure human rights in the society. Therefore, to reduce the problems Shapla Neer help us to implements that kind of project. After completion of the project we think that if we do not continue the activities then the people of the project area will suffer a lot, we also understand the importance of the activities. Therefore, we have decided to continue some activities like before.

Objectives of the Program:

1.     To increase level of awareness on various development issues of adolescent girls.

2.     To develop adolescent as a change maker in the society.

3.     To Build adolescent for responding voluntarily during disaster

4.     To aware family and community people for better care of aging people’s.

5.  Adolescents take initiatives as a volunteer to aware community people on disaster risk reduction. 

Main Activities:

a)     To facilitate newly formed adolescent club

b)     To impart development education.

c)     To arrange cultural activity and provide support for their mental and physical growth

d)     To provide reading materials such as book, booklets, News Letters highlighting topics on mental and physical health, human rights and  IGAs etc.

e)     To hold parents meeting quarterly

f)      To arrange need based skill training and computer training.

g)     To arrange exposure visit where possible.